Time Management

Time restrictions are a number one complaint in life, but the only thing we can do about that is to learn to use the time we have wisely. This, however, is easier said that done. But our Time Management course may make it easier for you. We teach strategies that will help you use the time you have to the upmost advantage. The Time Management course includes four chapters aimed at making time easier to deal with. These are the Chapters:

  • Introduction to Time Strategies
  • Goal Setting
  • Improving Your Skills
  • Establishing a Positive Direction

Time Management Course members meet weekly for 8-10 weeks. Sessions are 2-3 hours. Participants will have application and practice time between sessions in order to Develop their skills, and all sessions end with goals and actions steps to be accomplished by the next session. Participants will give themselves at least five exposures between sessions which will result in content retention of more than 60%. Leaders will also meet once three months following the last session to present progress reports on goals, and additional meetings may be offered as needed.

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Time Management

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