The Kash Box model is one tool we use to help businesses attain their vision.

As you can see, the left side of the box includes Knowledge and Skills. Company's invest most of their time and money on these two subjects. The right side of the box contains Attitudes and Habits. Most company failures are due to weaknesses in these subjects.

This model helps to remind us that we must invest as much time to our employees habits and attitude as to their professional training. This idea is so simple, yet it's truth is completely undeniable. Businesses do spend an extensive amount of time and money training employees with knowledge of everyday tasks and skills to help them complete those tasks.

During the hiring process, interviewers spend all their time considering what the person knows and how the person applies that knowledge but spend very little time discussing the applicants work habits and attitude. It's no surprise then, when you hear that most internal company breakdowns are caused by employees who have underdeveloped attitudes and work habits.

“ The quality of leadership, more than any other single factor, determines the success or failure of any organization.”
Fred Fielder and Martin Chemers-Improving Leadership Effectiveness